Cloud Adoption Workshop

Proud to be delivering Cloud Services to the Public Sector through: GOV.UK Digital Marketplace

About Your Service

The Cloud Adoption Workshop is designed to increase our clients' primary business, IT and third-party technology partners key decision makers awareness of Cloud Services. The workshop is designed to walk-through the end-to-end delivery of Cloud on-boarding, discussing specific requirements relevant to the client and their endeavours.

Service Features

  • Provide customer with an overview of Cloud Services

  • Capture and analyse the key business/IT stakeholders requirements

  • Capture and analyse the key business's third-party technical partners requirements

  • Provide guidance and advice for business case creation (Cost/Benefits Analysis)

  • Provide technical Strategy/Roadmapping tailored to our customers requirements

  • Provide Cloud Platform Adoption guidance and advice

  • Provide Residual Services Modernisation, Migration and Transformation guidance and advice

  • Provide Business Applications Modernisation, Migration and Transformation guidance and advice

  • Provide Cloud Service Delivery framework guidance and advice

  • Provide Cloud delivery governance and security guidance and advice

Service Benefits

  • Mentor/upskills the customers' knowledge of Cloud Services

  • Supports the generation of financial justification documentation

  • Provides key information for planning and deployment of Cloud Services

  • Identification of cost savings and benefits realisation

  • Identification and mitigation of key risks and dependencies

  • Identifies resource and structure to support a successful strategic delivery

  • Supports maximising the value of new/existing technology investments

  • Accelerates Cloud Service deployment into your organisation

  • Work with a provider experienced in delivering Cloud Services

  • Adherence to Government Cloud First and Technology Code of Practice


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