Case Studies - Data Migration Programme


Cloud Migration Solutions were the technical delivery partner with another of the Department for Educations technical associates.


  • Design and implement file services hosting capabilities in the cloud.

  • Migrate 68TB of unstructured data from on-premise file services to the cloud.

  • Design and implement a backup solution.

  • Design and implement an archiving solution.

  • Protect the integrity of files and folders user permissions.
  • Protect the integrity of files and folders Metadata.
  • Write a bespoke application to tag files and folders outside of the end-clients compliance strategy.


  • Migrate data in a secure encrypted manner.

  • Allow users to access data whilst it was being migrated.

  • Manage bandwidth allocation 

  • Manage costs, risk and functional / non-functional requirements.

  • Out of support technology stack.

  • Reliability of the infrastructure

  • Out of date workload design and build artefacts.

  • Inconsistently configured source infrastructure impacted on migration activity.

  • Issues exacerbated with a convoluted cloud hosting landscape.

  • Ever changing landscape of this type of environment.


  • Discovery of legacy on-premise file services analysing and identifying high risk issues recorded in RAID and technical debt registers, trends from service desk incident, major incident and requests.

  • Produce a full implementation cost analysis and risk reduction profile for each of the workloads.

  • Designed and built new file services in the cloud.

  • Designed and built new backup solution.

  • Designed and built new data archiving solution.

  • Attained authorisation of the design and supporting artefacts by the clients Technical Design Authority.

  • Implement DevOps CI/CD pipelines for repeatable deployment and testing.

  • Migrated 64TB+ of data from on-premise to the cloud.

  • Devised a SQL / WEB App to interrogate files Metadata to determine its location based on the clients criteria to ensue data compliance. 

  • Provide early life support and handover into BAU.


  • Operated at C-Suite level and chaired programme boards,

  • Agile, MSP and PRINCE2 disciplines.

  • Lean Six Sigma productivity best practices.

  • ITIL service delivery.

  • Rigorous governance across all delivery execution activities to safeguarding success.

  • Provided regular quality assurance reviews to our clients to maintain transparency and delivery confidence.


  • ESX

  • Microsoft Azure.

  • AD / IDAMS.

  • Encrypted VPN.

  • Data centre and cloud firewall configuration.

  • RoboCopy scripting.

  • Database management, conversion and optimisation.​

  • Development skills including web technologies, .NET, C++, python and apache skills.

  • DevOps CI/CD pipelines and code development.


  • Exited on-premise hosted data centres and out of vendor support technologies.

  • Access to dedicated latest hybrid-cloud and on-premise hosting capabilities.

  • Utilise fit for purpose file services, backups and archiving services under vender support levels.

  • Ability to manage data and adhere to compliance.

  • Realising operational and security efficiencies, significantly reducing technical debt and the risk profile.

  • Decrease the amount of technical skillsets and knowledge required to manage the estate.

  • Significantly reduce operational support costs..

  • Offer a more robust, stable environment improving productivity and heightening the user experience, therefore their perception of the service.​


Despite the ever changing landscape of user data being constantly utilised on 24-hour basis and out of support infrastructure requiring regular intervention exacerbated by a convolute legacy network that wasn't designed to migrate large scale data, we delivered the programme on-time and within budget with good planning, communication and utili